Send all submissions in a Docx, Google Doc, or PDF to using the subject line “Form - Last Name”

  • Example: Poetry - Easley

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please provide a short biography including your age, high school, and city at the top of your submission.

  • All submissions should be in standard MLA format: 12 pt. Times New Roman font. *Prose should be double spaced; Poetry is single spaced.

  • All submissions must be original work.

  • Previously published work is fine, but please provide a link to the original posting or publication.

  • Poetry with special visuals should be sent in a PDF to maintain formatting.

  • Multilingual submissions welcomed; please provide a translation in English.

  • Email your submissions using the subject line “Form - Last name”

    • Example: Poetry - Easley

Length Guidelines:

  • Poetry: submit no more than 3 pages at a time (either 3 short poems, or a long poem no more than 3 pages).

  • Fiction and Nonfiction: Between 500 - 3,000 words

  • Drama: One act plays no more than 15 pages in length; Stand alone soliloquys, monologues, and short scenes welcomed.

Visual Art Guidelines:

ONLY original or inspired work. If you have referenced another work for artistic inspiration then: cite original artist’s work via link or social media title (Instagram ‘@’; Tumblr; etc.)

  1. Maximum amount of submissions CANNOT exceed three pieces per issue. The submission will be disregarded until you have properly submitted an acceptable amount. 

  2. We accept both physical and computer-generated 2D and/or 3D / architectural art to include: photographic images (artistic, journalistic, etc.), images edited through Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe software, or other programs; cinematography and videography, fashion, and graphical designs.

  3. We will assess the various artistic aspects of submissions through composition, presence of theme, and overall creativity and aesthetics. 

  4. Controversial submissions (images, designs, films, etc.) will be reviewed and determined acceptable by the Editor-in-chief. Do not capture and submit any subject or idea that could be potentially offensive, illegal, or socially alarming. 

  5. Be as creative and have fun! We are happy to include any work that stays within the guidelines mentioned above. Happy creating!

Editor’s note: Paper Dolls supports all races, sexes, and cultures. Hate speech will be automatically rejected without notice.


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